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ANG Specific Resources

This information has been updated at the Public Health CoP (AF Portal) and can be accessed at:

This ANG Public Health CoP has been developed to create an area to meet Public Health's informational/communications needs and share existing resources rather than re-inventing the wheel. Information to be found in the CoP includes; the most current briefings on the emerging Public Health issues, Bird Flu, Communicable Diseases, Deployment Medicine, Education & Training, Entomology, Environmental Health, Food Sanitation, Hearing Conservation Program, Hurricane Katrina, Immunizations, Links to briefings presented to ANG Public Health at the 2005 Readiness Frontiers Conference, and several other items for Public Health use. Several Discussion Forums have been created as well with such topics as; Public Health Mentoring, What's hot and new, Public Health Lessons Learned and more. Future plans include adding surveys, teleconferences and other items of PH interest on this portal.